Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice offers the splendid Ada

You already know Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice as we already covered their music. Today, we rediscover them thanks a double single titled “Ada”, infectious from “Ada” to “The Boys from Silicon Valley”.

Refreshing, unpredictable and unique, the project sends us on a travel through soft-rock, cinematic sounds and an original pop vision. The instrumentation is epic, rocked by savorous chords and above all splendid vocal lines hat warm our hearts up.

In a world of grey news and cold air, “Ada” brings joy, hope and a timeless moment that honors music in all its glory. This is what we call real ART and music, when we can forget about our daily routine and sad days.

No doubt that “Ada” will attract many ears around the world. When quality meets with sincerity, passion, and creative freedom, this is the promise of sonic addictive minutes.

Head to the Spotify link to dive into the experience right now: