Intense and addictive: “Who Dares to Love Me” by John Santana

John Santana is a well-rounded artist who developed a distinctive sound based on a wide range of creative influences. You already know him as our redaction already reviewed his music and he is back with the intense “Who Dares to Love Me”.

The track combines the energy of dark pop with touches of soft rock and cinematic sounds for an epic result. What’s special about this release is that all of the different influences that make up the bulk of the sound are actually so incredibly merged in, creating a very unitary and appealing sonic vision.

John Santana’s “Who Dares to Love Me”, is highly recommended to fans of music made with emotional-driven synthesizers and bewitching soundscapes.  There is something quite special about how the production comes together on this one, allowing the music to build a captivating texture around the female vocals, making for one-of-a-kind vibe.

Dive into the experience right now: