Our exclusive interview with Flayzia

Our artist of the day is one of a kind. He goes by the name of Flayzia and he gave us hope in hip hop and creativity again. 

In an area where all rappers tend to sound the same and take no risk, Flayzia’s discography is outstanding and unique. He blends alternative hip-hop vibes with a Lo-fi hard-hitting recipe and above all a flow from another planet between rap and haunting vocals. 

He teamed up with the best artists including Kutti B to offer the promise of a new musical world. 

Discover his music right now and discover our interview with him below :

Who are you?

I am flayzia fisher and I am a producer and artist of OVK Music

What inspires you to write music? 

My life experiences and my label mates Promise, and Kutti B give me the drive to keep the music going and my kids Jasmire and Marshawn, have always told me my music is awesome

How would you describe your creative process?

The creative process comes from whatever I feel at the time me and my label mates just do what we feel and make magic happen as soon as we hit the studio..

What will be your next release?

The latest release will be the song titled 

Frosty feat Kutti B, it’s a very upbeat song

Your plans for the future?

My plan in the future is to inspire young music artists to be creative and don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to music and to do what you feel, not what others say is right.