Introducing the talented and incredible Omo Nyame

We started the day on the right foot thanks to our beautiful discovery: a multi-talented and complete artist named Omo Nyame.

The singer, dancer, writer and rapper, caught our full attention thanks to a visionary artistic signature between black music and vanguard production. 

But Omo Nyame’s talent and limitless creativity don’t stop there. She offers meaningful lyrical content with an Afrofuturistic approach. She uses her voice and pencil to empower, give hope and educate. She is one of these lights that the community needs: a leader, a strong dose of motivation and inspiration.

Back in 2016, Omo Nyame published a successful book series entitled “A Black Children’s Story”. A beautiful initiative and a message of peace and consciousness. 

We heard that Omo Nyame’s upcoming single was on the road and we will be the first to support it in our magazine. Meanwhile, we are glad to share her latest musical gifts:

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