Out now: the mysterious “Hellraiser” by Pamela Hilton

Be ready to discover a rare artist, one of the most surprising act around. She is Pamela Hilton, and she has just dropped a new masterpiece entitled “Hellraiser”. 

The singer-songwriter is a beautiful and outstanding surprise with limitless creativity and unique artistic recipe. “Hellraiser” effortlessly navigates between dark synthesizers and dramatic wind instruments to create an intense and somber atmosphere.

The cinematic touch send us back into noir and suspenseful yet glamorous movies scenes. Pamela Hilton, also described as “Hitchcock’s Blonde lost in the Gotham City”, delivers a haunting vocal performance that won’t leave you indifferent. She caught our full attention from the first notes and completely drove us into a beautiful hell.

Pamela Hilton has created through “Hellraiser” a complete musical experience, a travel through the unknown that you need to discover right now.

The song is now on repeat in our Spotify playlists. Press play: