J.T. Hiskey Says he Will Perform at Your Wedding

If you are looking for a personal hip hop concert at your wedding, you are in luck because J.T. Hiskey says he is willing to perform for your once in a lifetime event.

Late last night, the viral hip-hop artist went on social media posting that he would love to do such an event and that he’s actually already done a few in the past. A performance from J.T. Hiskey at a wedding includes his romantic songs “You’re My World” and “Love”.

On his late night post, he explained why these are the only songs he will play at your wedding. “It would just make no sense to play anything else, so I am willing to do these two love songs at your wedding, and depending on who you are, I am even willing to do this for free” he wrote.

Well, all we can say is that we would love to see a special wedding shot video of him performing these classics. A live version of You’re My World on a acoustic guitar would make our hearts fill with joy. Hopefully we can see this happen in the near future.