“Love Walks Through Rain”: Ann Sweeten’s Poetic Journey of Resilience and Music

Ann Sweeten’s album “Love Walks Through Rain” is a poetic and magistral project, showcasing her unmistakable signature in the realm of classical music. From the enchanting melodies of “Valley Greene” to the otherworldly orchestral reprise, this instrumental opus embodies a decidedly unique style, effortlessly embracing classical, jazz, film scoring, new age, and popular music elements.

Over the last 26 years, Ann Sweeten has earned her place as one of the most decorated pianists, with her albums consistently ranking in the Top 5 ZMR Radio Charts. Her music resonates deeply with audiences, making her one of the most played modern instrumentalists in North America.

Beyond her musical achievements, Ann’s journey is one of courage and resilience. As a Steinway Artist and a featured C.A.R.E. Artist with Healing HealthCare Systems, she uses her talent to bring hope and healing to others. As a two-time breast cancer survivor currently battling leukemia, she continues to shine a light through her music and incredible technique, inspiring listeners with her unwavering spirit. “Love Walks Through Rain” is not just an album; it’s a testament to the power of music to transcend and transform.