This faith based artist went from mental health diagnosis to living his dreams.

August Russell also professionally known as KINDNESS has a testimony that he hopes can inspire many people that hear his music and hear about his music.

He went from having a bad mental health diagnosis, not being able to work a job, to the streets of Los Angeles being homeless and being misguided and in and out of jail, hospitals and bad situations to being able to start his own LLC and have a testimony that GOD brought him through it.

August does inspirational hip hop and he incorporates GOD in most of his music even thought it still has cursing in it. He wished to reach the homies that like Drake or Lil Wayne or baby but still love GOD. He also wishes to reach the believer in GOD that still likes that music.

He hopes he can help to start to bridge the gap between the confusion in our culture and inspire everyone to be less divisive and bring into a closer relationship with the Lord.

August has much music coming out soon and he truly believes that this is his year to shine. Look for more and stay on his journey on social media!

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