“King Of The Demons” by SteezyLaFlame to celebrate a new month

Coming straight from the southside of Chicago, SteezyLaFlame is our best surprise of early June thanks to his latest offering “King Of The Demons”, a hip-hop project full of bangers, ready to make waves in the international music industry.

In a game where many artists sound the same, “King Of The Demons” showcases a new vision, a versatility between hip-hop and vanguard flows, and above all, a unique signature. SteezyLaFlame offers through “SteezyLaFlame” a new kind of trap music coming from another planet.

Outstanding artistic energy, epic, and haunting production infused by heavy beats and bass: the 4-tracks opus is appealing and inspiring.

We won’t be surprised to see SteezyLaFlame triple his success for the rest of 2021 and more if he continues to offer such a vibe. He is ready to take a well-deserved place among the most creative artists of his generation. 

As long as artists like SteezyLaFlame exist and their stories and voices are heard then the music will evolve in the best way.

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