IQ releases « Armé dans l’Audi »

Almost the weekend, and we already know how we will accompany it: with IQ’s music, our artist of the day. His latest rap track “Armé dans l’Audi” took us into a hip-hop journey, out of our daily routine.

From the first bar, we can feel IQ’s sharp flow, fusing like bullets. We admire his creative vision between French and Arabic’s punchlines.

IQ stands out thanks to a unique artistic personality tinted by futuristic vocal treatments and an appealing nonchalance. His performance perfectly complements the haunting, trap-beat-infused production.

“Armé dans l’Audi” also invites you into a cinematic video, which draws its inspiration from gangsters movies, and in which fast life and hardworking reign.

Enter his world without further delay and keep an eye on IQ: