Level Up Music Productions, Corp expands Board of Directors

New Director will advise on strategic direction and execution for certain aspects of the business.

Level Up Music Productions, Corp., an Atlanta-based music production company, has announced the dates for their last songwriting camp of the year. And it will take place in Miami, Florida on 12/9, location is TBD. The sync camp offers an opportunity for singers and songwriters looking to acquire and refine their songwriting skills as well as work on sync projects that can help establish a successful music career.

About Level Up Music Productions, Corp.

Founded by established, award-winning pop artist, Brianna Shelko in July of 2022, Level Up Music Productions, Corp. offers white label music production services to film studios, labels, libraries and more in the form of organized songwriting camps, fueled by top songwriters across the nation. They also host year-round camps to add new material to their sync catalog, create safe rooms with fair splits for experienced writers, and build a community of incredible talent.

“Our camps foster collaboration, networking and increase the potential of landing sync placements by partnering directly with music supervisors on their upcoming projects and then launching camps to produce top-quality music. We do things with a twist. We come as a “movement” powered by songwriters and heavy-weight producers in the music industry. We’re coming in hot,” said CEO of Level Up, Brianna Shelko.

A current resident of Atlanta, Georgia, Shawn is originally from Richmond, Virginia where he was born and raised. Shawn studied jazz piano and music composition at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virgina. Shawn has produced songs for Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop Artists including Van Boyd for J.Records, Jamela Bullock for Soul Lovers Entertainment, and Elliott Yamin (American Idol Season Five) for Soul Lovers Entertainment.

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to provide advisement to Level Up Music Productions, Corporation as it continues to build out its music catalogue, and product offerings. Music can truly bring people together from all walks of life. It is sonic air to our brains and encodes memories, which are instantly recalled when we hear those songs in the future. Music is such an important art and must be supported,” said Shawn.

About Shawn Peterson.

Shawn has also produced music for the stage plays “When a woman is loved right” and “Three days to redemption” for Redemption Productions. Shawn was also a member of “The Affiliates” in Richmond, Virginia, a production team that included several other talented producers in Richmond, who placed songs with major recording artists in the late 90’s.

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