« LIFE IS LIKE A MOVIE »: The soundtrack of November, out now by Carla Lina

If you are looking for positive sensations, contagious melodies, let us introduce you to our top artist of the month Carla Lina.

The singer, author and producer showcases her undeniable talent through her latest track “Life is like a Movie”. The electro-pop banger instantly takes you into a delicious artistic recipe in which emotion mingles with dancing energy.

The song gave us a strong dose of motivation thanks to its inspiring lyrics which allows us to forget about our daily routine and regain power. Carla Lina’s vocal performance is flawless and her voice comforting. 

“You can become who you want to be if you just accept who you are and believe in your goals. All changes start in your own head: “Don’t leave your life to fate, fight for it yourself!”. Carla Lina. 

“Life is like a Movie” is a successful single that will certainly have a bright future and Carla Lina is ready to be widely talked about!  

Listen to “Life is like a Movie” without further ado:

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