In the late 70’s and early 80’s two supergroups competed for the top of the charts; ABBA and Boney M. ABBA have recently announced their comeback album Voyage, now the former original lead and backing vocalist of Boney M; Marcia Barrett is thrilled that her third solo album entitled “SEASONS” will also be released this December. 

Marcia Barrett, this name means a lot to the people who are familiar with the story of Boney M. The pop group was one of the most important Euro disco acts in the 1970’s and 1980’s not only in Europe but all over the world. The groups songs have stood the test of time with remixes of their many hits popular throughout the world. Marcia’s powerful voice can be heard on all of the groups recordings including on the current  2021 Tik Tok hit and remixes of their 1978 hit Rasputin. Marcia  was also the lead vocalist on some of the groups more powerful and socially aware hits such as Belfast and We Kill The World.

In 1990 shortly after the split of the original Boney M group, Marcia together with her husband; seasoned musician Marcus James (a former bass player for Eddy Grant) began laying down tracks at Union Studios, Germany that would form the basis of her very first solo album. However it would take nearly a decade to complete the project, as Marcia fought for her life battling cancer twice. In 1997 after arduous battles with surgeries and chemotherapy, Marcia completed the Survival album at studios in Palm Beach and Port St Lucie Florida and it received a limited release in 1999. Three more bouts of cancer followed including spinal cancer in 2004 during the recording of her second solo album “Come Into My Life” which was released in 2005. Marcia writes about this time in her brilliant autobiography “Forward My Life With and Without Boney M” published in 2018.

Earlier this year Marcia’s “Survival” album was released as an expanded edition with three new songs and the single “Play My Song” receiving great acclaim. Now fans around the world will get to experience the full artistry of Marcia Barrett and Marcus James on the long awaited “Seasons” album. Recorded at studios around the world including U.S.A, UK and Berlin Germany, every track on the album was written and composed by Marcia and Marcus, with composer Kelvin James adding two tracks “You” (a new acoustic version of Marcia’s solo single first released in 1981) and the rocking “Rip It Up”. Marcia Barrett easily moves from hard rock “It’s Alright It’s Alright” to Reggae “Wait For Me David” “Hold On” to brilliant pop tracks “Eye to Eye Contact”, “Easy Street” “Gotta Say It’s Alright” to beautiful ballads such as “See Through My Eyes” (composed by Mark Kearns) on which Marcia’s vocals soar with emotion. 

The title track which features the late Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band fame “Seasons” was in fact written for Boney M in the late 80’s. However Marcia’s former colleagues weren’t interested in collaborating to record it – so Marcia Barrett recorded her own very special version. 

Marcia Barrett says it best with this statement “ Personally I think the word Seasons aptly expresses moods that somehow has a longing for desires being expectant in life’s great curious path. The four seasons of the year seem to embrace LOVE, whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, there is always LOVE in the air for someone during each beautiful Season.”

“Seasons” the album, just as the title suggests has songs for every mood and Season. It will also surprise and thrill fans of Boney M  and indeed lovers of great music, who will be amazed at the incredible range, diversity and power of Marcia Barrett, the artiste.

Seasons will be released worldwide on all digital websites on 15 December 2021 with pre-orders from 3 December 2021

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