MORTAL PROPHETS and “THE TWANG GANG [Live in Berlin]”: Redefining Music with Cosmic Country

MORTAL PROPHETS, with his project “THE TWANG GANG [Live in Berlin],” is pushing the boundaries of music and offering instrumental compositions that are nothing short of extraordinary. This sonic experience pays homage to the very essence of art itself, presenting a soft rock canvas infused with melodies from American country Americana and enigmatic sonic elements.

What sets MORTAL PROPHETS apart is his willingness to challenge musical conventions and venture into uncharted territory. He creates musical structures that are nothing short of astonishing, taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride through his sonic landscapes. It’s a journey that defies expectations and invites us to explore a new genre that MORTAL PROPHETS aptly dubs “cosmic country.”

“THE TWANG GANG [Live in Berlin]” is a testament to the artist’s innovative approach to music and in a world where musical experimentation often leads to groundbreaking discoveries, MORTAL PROPHETS is at the forefront of redefining what’s possible: