Whammyboy Unveils Cosmic Musical Odyssey with “SPACE POP VOL. 1”

When it comes to the world of music, some artists simply defy categorization, and Norwegian sensation Whammyboy, born Noah Johansen, is undoubtedly one of them. With the release of his debut EP, SPACE POP VOL. 1. Whammyboy is carving his own path in the indie-electronic music scene, merging introspection with electrifying beats.

Whammyboy invented his own “Space-Pop” genre, which encapsulates the ethereal essence of his music, characterized by echoing reverbs and an otherworldly charm. It’s a genre that not only aligns with Whammyboy’s introverted nature but also empowers him to create music that exudes boundless energy, captivating listeners around the world.

Two singles, “Heart” and “Chop It”, have been particularly instrumental in catapulting Whammyboy to international acclaim. These tracks have graced the airwaves of Jack Saunders’ BBC Radio 1 Future Artists show, garnering attention from far beyond Norway’s borders. Notably, Whammyboy earned the prestigious title of NEXT WAVE Artist on the same program for his single “Chop It”, underlining the universal appeal of his music.

“SPACE POP VOL. 1” represents the culmination of two years of creative expression. The EP, featuring five distinct tracks, provides an intimate window into Whammyboy’s thoughts and experiences, often revolving around themes of love and relationships. The lead single, “Enjoy The Feeling”, is about reminding oneself not to overthink or focus on what could go wrong in a relationship, but instead to enjoy the feelings in the moment.

He’s currently gearing up for The Space Pop Experience including a few dates in Norway before the end of the year. Get ready to be a part of Whammyboy’s cosmic musical odyssey, where the stars themselves are the only limit to his boundless creativity.