Discovery of the day: Bulat releases a new touching single entitled “This Time”

The talented and multi-skilled artist Bulat is a singer, songwriter, musician and also actor Russia-born, England-Raised and Californie-based. Did his story and way of life inspire his music? Surely. Bulat creates with different genres, as we can hear in his new beautiful single “This Time”.

The rock-influenced ballad “This Time” starts with a soothing piano, followed by Bulat’s unique and reassuring voice, singing overwhelming feelings. He definitely has the voice of the Greatests.

The musical and artistic quality reach a high level and a sense of creativity. Not to mention the impressive guitar games which took our heart into loads of feelings.

“You can’t save me this time, you can’t save me” sings Bulat. One thing is certain, he saved our day with such a song.

We will follow his step with interest, passion and curiosity.