“Nothing To Lose”: the best 2020 EP by Nat Nebbin

Our redaction’s little addiction is hip-hop, you might know it now if you read our articles. However, we have been a bit disappointed lately by the rap projects we’ve listened to. That’s why our discovery of the day is a beautiful gift for the hip-hop world, that we are glad to introduce you.

Nat Nebbin is an upcoming rapper from the west coast of the United States who delivered one of the most surprising hip-hop project of 2020: “Nothing To Lose”.

Indeed, the 7 tracks opus is a safe bet, not only for us but for many other medias and hip-hop lovers around the world.

Flawless production, sharp flow, and solid rap technique: we told you: “Nothing To Lose” is a surprise from “All In”, to “The Program”.

Nat Nebbin, who also has his own record label Runsum Music Group, impresses the audience by the quality of his tracks, but also by his captivating energy and addictive lyrical content.

We recommend you to discover “Nothing To Lose” right now: