S-BEATS MUSIC has announced a new EP ‘Without Ties’

Producer S-BEATS MUSIC is back better than ever with his second EP ‘Without Ties that will be out on September 2. A collaborative project, this EP works with independent artists all over the world, proving that big labels don’t account for great talent and success.

This producer took only six months to create this album and never fails to highlight the best assets of each artist, including Ruhaan79, OffDiste, Tara Britt, HYNS and KitoTheLeo. S-BEATS MUSIC takes us on a tour around the world with this album, with languages and collaborators from Italy, US, India, Africa and many more.

Along with a diverse scope of artists, ‘Without Ties’ also features a diverse range of styles, and is packed full of culture as S-BEATS MUSIC experiments with fast-paced trap beats, entrancing flutes and impactful bass lines across the EP. ‘Without Ties’ is a look into the future of music, full of surprises and sounds that will take you on a rollercoaster ride!

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More info:

Stephin Vijayan, aka S-BEATS MUSIC, is a 21-year-old hailing from India. Starting off at just 15-years-old, it’s no surprise that his music has received an onslaught of positive attention.

His Remix ‘Fi Ha’ has surpassed 100k streams on Spotify, it has also risen as a trend on IG with over 26K using the sound on Reels. Now that he’s established himself as a talented trap music producer, S-BEATS MUSIC is now expanding his abilities to work within other genres and soundscapes.

He makes it a point to stay authentic to the genre and takes inspiration from other artists as he progresses. S-BEATS MUSIC has worked with countless artists such as Tara Britt, KitoTheLeo, Jay Hendrix, HYNS, Prettiboi Vice, Van The Don, Chyde, Ruhaan79, OffDiste and more. ‘Street Success’ was the first EP that the producer released in 2020. With such a cultured experience of music, it’s easy to get excited for this producer’s new projects.

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