Our artist of the weekend: Max Ayeza. New music and interview !

On this sunny Saturday, we decided to let ourselves dream, chill and appreciate a few minutes of authentic and sweet music. Max Ayeza offers this thanks to “Get Over”, a song that will seduce your ears.

The record is an addictive pop ballad produced by her husband Aaron, (and former bandmate, when they used to be members for Childstar) blessed by an emotional driven vocal performance. From the delicious piano, to the epic strings, passing by a flawless realization, “Get Over” gives hope, joy and also melancholic feelings.

With her appealing voice, Max Ayeza showcases her pure talent for singing and songwriting with communicative simplicity and sincerity.  Listen to it now and read our conversation with her below:

Welcome! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hello, I’m Max Ayeza, singer/songwriter from Manila. 

I love and appreciate different music and I think it’s one of the best things in this life. And for me, I think it’s more complex than language because you don’t really need to use words to appreciate it. You only need to listen, and the rest follows. The emotion, the moves/grooves, the imaginary world, the what if questions, the satisfaction and otherwise… anything goes. That’s how complex it is and I love that.

How did you start to make music and how would you describe your sound?

It’s really nothing professional.
When I was younger, I got choir exposure when I was still active with church service, and then joined a music group where a late good friend of mine introduced me to my producer, Aaron. Then Aaron and I formed a band that was later disbanded. We moved on with our lives, and the long hiatus really made me miss writing and do activities related to music, and that’s why I’m here.

Now, given the current set up, a “solo” gig is quite liberating because you have the creative freedom and you can make decisions right away.

Although, I would say it’s quite tricky to describe my music right now because it has been forever and I’m finishing and revisiting some old writings that I think would really express who I am as a songwriter. 

Over the years, my influences are Madonna, Cindy Lauper..a lot of 90s alternative bands to modern pop like listening to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo. I like her and her songs. As a songwriter, I would say I’m really impreseed with the works of,
a) Rachel Yamagata
b) Regina Spektor 
c) Taylor Swift

What is your creative process?

Like any other songwriters, most of the time it has to do with my own experience, past experiences and emotions, of course. It’s like my way to process things. But there are projects where my producer would give me chord patterns or beats, and it revolves from that. There’s no consistent process really because there are days when you are in the zone and there are also moments when you are not.

But ultimately, everything flows easily once I figure out the emotion or the theme of the song I’m writing about.

Can you tell us more about your latest release “Get over”?

The song is about ending a toxic relationship. I’m not saying that I was inloved with one..haha but let’s just say relationships are not perfect, there are episodes where our emotions gets the best out of us and we don’t really want our partners to suffer but it happens. I guess, it’s just part of the learning process, for us to grow and be mature in the next relationship.  

What can we expect from you in the future?

This song is my second single. I really don’t know if people would dig it but it’ll be great if a lot of people hear it. If everything goes well, then maybe I’ll be more prolific. If not, life goes on. Probably I will still continue to write and traverse the uncertainties of life. Haha..I don’t really know. I’m just enjoying what I have now.

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