Q&A with American singer-songwriter Laura Zoog

– Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in the music and entertainment industry so far?
I had grown up singing constantly but didn’t really take it seriously until high school where I became a part of every single ensemble that would take me: honor choir, jazz choir, acapella groups, musical theatre, you name it and I was a part of it. I could not get enough. That really made me realize my extreme passion for music and what was important to me. So when junior year of high school came, I made the decision to audition for music schools and make music a part of my life permanently. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2022 with a degree in Performing Arts! While I was there I was introduced to film and television, specifically film acting and the differences between that and musical theatre which is all I had trained in thus far, and fell in love with it just as much. While I was there, I landed a guest star role on a Hulu series, and met some incredibly influential people in the industry and built up my resume. I am currently singing in a Rock and Roll group with Norwegian Cruise Lines in a production show called Syd Norman’s Pour House until May! I have been consistently working since I graduated and this new single is just another step in the right direction for my career!

– Coming from New Jersey, do you think your geographical background has shaped your musical style or storytelling in any way?
I absolutely do think that coming from New Jersey has influenced my style of writing. I have a goal for this next year to explore the other styles in which I write, which are slower, more singer songwriter type vibes. New Jersey has such a variety of atmospheres, you have countryside, cities, beaches, and lots of small and charming historical towns. I think there are different music genres and styles that I associate with each of those different places, so I always try to set the song I write with a specific place or time of year. New Jersey also has been the prime location to be close enough to both Philadelphia and New York for me to gain inspiration from those two amazing cities and to also be influenced by the local artists that reside there. 

– Tell us more about your new single “QUEEN”
Queen is a feminine anthem intended to empower and inspire women. I wrote this song after a friend of mine had gone through a terrible breakup after learning she had been cheated on. So often in the female community, we place blame on the other woman in the relationship without recognizing that the real fault lies in the common denominator, the man with two girlfriends. I began to think about how powerful women could be if we banded together instead of taking every opportunity to tear each other down.

– In your own words, you mentioned wanting “QUEEN” to be a feminine anthem that brings women together. How do you see the role of music in fostering unity and empowerment?
I think music is the most inspiring part of everyday life. It can spark changes in mood, for better or worse. It can charge you and spark new ideas or feelings, so I think music has the capability to inspire change for the good. You look at songs like “New Rules” by Dua Lipa and “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande and how they were influential in creating a community in the female community, emphasizing self protection and the power of female friendships, trust in yourself and your worth. I hope that “Queen” will have a similar effect in the female community and it will be a song that will inspire a more positive shift in the female community and values to those who listen. 

– How do you plan to build on the success of “BACK AGAIN” and “QUEEN” in shaping your musical career moving forward?
I think “Queen” will be the perfect second single to start me off in the music industry as a singer and songwriter. I think it shows a level of growth that is promising to me as an artist, and the process of making this single has already taught me so much as to who I want to be as an artist and how I want things to sound, now that it’s all a bit more familiar to me. I have more music coming out this year, so I am hoping that with “Back Again” and now “Queen” will put me as an artist on multiple peoples’ radars and gain even more support from as many people and places as possible. I always want to focus on growth as an artist and I think this will gain me even more momentum and I hope to ride this wave for as long as I can! 

– Besides “QUEEN” what other projects or collaborations are you excited about in the near future?
I have been spending a lot of my free time writing recently as I would like to get a couple more songs out this year, possibly an EP. I will be working on a cruise ship until May 2024 singing in a rock band, and after “Queen” is released, I will be focusing on finally moving to New York and re auditioning for my next steps! I am excited to see all of the new opportunities to come and to hopefully be performing more than I ever have before!
Listen to “Queen”:

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