“Quiet Majesty”: a magical musical moment by Jacob Hauge Mateo and Ben Bushill


Today the-further invites you into a magnificent and poetic musical moment. A few minutes that you will never forget and titled ‘Quiet Majesty’, created by Jacob Hauge Mateo from Denmark and Ben Bushill hailing from the UK. 

This breathtaking work places both of the artists among most creative of 2022.

‘Quiet Majesty’ brings the audience into a mesmerizing musical moment, Jacob’s outstanding signature, a roller coaster of feelings where classical music bland together with a modern cinematic twist. This is an artistic experience in its whole. 

Ben’s vocals are truly intense, between spoken words and experimental tones, and his poetry whisper in our ears des emotions.

Sadness and hope, smiles and tears, power and sensibility, this is what offers the incredible ‘Quiet Majesty’. More than music, Jacob Hauge Mateo and Ben Bushill invites the audience into a whole experience, and that’s teh definition of art. 

Be ready to feel alive, you will never be the same after listening to “Quiet Majesty”:




Learn more about Jacob:



“Piano by heart. Songs of soul.”

Learn more about Ben:


“Wild words and heartwood”.