Re discovering Paolo Virdis with “Electro Butterfly”

Friday already and the end of another week under lockdown. We needed something fresh, something that would make us start the weekend on the right foot.

In an area where many tracks sound the same, we are happy about our discovery: the Italian producer Paolo Virdis. The artist took us to the Future on his latest offering “Electro Butterfly”.

Blending techno and punk elements effortlessly, Paolo Virdis takes us on an engaging and strange music journey on his fantastic “Electro Butterfly”. The haunting vocals and punchy production match perfectly creating an appealing and mysterious vibe throughout.

Paolo Virdis is a new breed of independent music artist who believes music is made to teleport the listener into the unknown. Listen to “Electro Butterfly” below:

Discover more of Paolo Virdis and connect with him HERE.