Bianca Foscht, an Austrian actress and filmmaker, was born as the second of five children in Graz, Austria. Bianca, who grew up in Austria’s suburbs, was persuaded to become an actress and filmmaker when she was 12 years old. Foscht began her career by filming short films in her backyard with her father’s video camera, lovingly forcing her siblings and neighbors to star in her films.Bianca was drawn to the arts at a young age, studying ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and acrobatic dance and competing in national and international dance competitions. Bianca was discovered by a theatre director in her senior year of high school and offered a leading role in a play.

Foscht began performing on stage and on set in Austria and Germany after studying drama at the Athanor Academy of Performing Arts. Bianca Foscht’s credits include the lead role in the modern theatre production Dorian Gray-Pictures of Beauty at the TAO! Theatre in Graz, Austria, which was picked up for a resumption in 2020 due to its critical acclaim. She also appeared in the 13th season of the popular TV show Das Supertalent, as well as in several European and North American independent productions, most recently in the feature comedy Outrunners, which premiered at the RIO Theater in Vancouver, BC and was invited to BC’s major film festivals and markets, including the Kamloops Film Fest. Read more to find out exclusive behind the scenes in a recent interview with actress Bianca Foscht:

Q: Any special memories/moments from set?




Bianca Foscht – A: There are probably a hundred wonderful experiences but I’d say that eating lunch with the crew was definitely a highlight. Our producers ordered this huge plate of Chinese food and the whole team was sharing. It felt like a huge family dinner. Another great learning experience was when we were shooting my scene and after the wrapping that scene up we realized a problem with the lens that we’ve been using for that shot. I was already almost out of costume when the AD rushed in and asked if we could do the whole scene again.

Q: Wasn’t that difficult,- jumping into the same scene again ?




Bianca Foscht – A: No, not at all. It was really exciting to be honest. The second take on the scene felt actually much more freeing since I already ran it a few times before and since the blocking and set up stayed the same I was able to fully drop into the character. This little mistake gave me some nice rehearsal time but it also taught me a great lesson: Enjoy every mistake and see it rather as an adventure than a problem.

Q: What happens with the movie now?

Bianca Foscht – A: I can proudly announce that Outrunners premiered at the popular RIO Theater in Vancouver, BC a few months ago, and was invited to BC’s major festivals and film markets, including the Kamloops Film Fest. After finishing the festival run in 2023 and 2024 the movie will be available for streaming and I’m excited for you to see this absolutely hilarious and highly successful film on the big screen soon. Stay tuned!