Charles Infamous

Charles Infamous

Charles Infamous dives into his feelings, and relationship on his new melodic rap and pop crossover “Love + Affection”

For Fans of Roddy Ricch, Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, Post Malone, Tory Lanez, Devvon Terrell, you will unconditionally love Charles Infamous’ new track “Love + Affection”.

This song is about wanting someone to love you, and giving them an understanding of how you feel about them. The Chorus has an important call to action lyrics explaining straightforward how Charles feels about this person.

Charles explains how we’ve been involved for a long time and have been through it all together. Lyrics in the first verse set an island scene vacation scenario where it sets a tone for the style of the song and sample melody in the beat. Throughout the song Charles explains his feelings more on how she could break his heart, he’s taking a risk and a leap of faith in the romance.

Charles does this through his unique vocal style and playful, and catchy melodic vocal runs. The Song features catchy melodic flows and top-line melodies from Charles Infamous, and classic styled R&B vocal layering, while also delivering new pop, rap, and trap influences of modern music.

The combination of the styles gives “Love + Affection” a very up-tempo, bright, and positive pop music sound, while also having a chill progressive hip-hop feel and tone. 

“Love + Affection” features hard-hitting trap flavoured drum production with underlying high pass R&B vocal samples, and Island-style instrumentation Produced by Zeevince.


“She know I’m making these hits, Keep it a stack cause you’re boy never switch, You know if you love me now love me now love me now, I won’t ever neglect you (yeah), See eye to eye cause I get you (yeah)” .

Some facts about Charles Infamous: Charles Infamous is a Pennsylvania hip-hop artist currently living in the greater Philadelphia Area. He considers himself a genre-blending artist, songwriter, singer, and rap lyricist. He has been releasing music since 2015. Recently he has appeared on NBC’s songwriting show Songland, and has received cosigns from legendary R&B group Boyz II Men, Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, and Shane McAnally. In 2021 Charles has worked with viral independent YouTube rapper Futuristic on two songs and was the only feature on his latest project. Charles is currently working on an ep entirely self-written produced mixed and mastered most likely to release in the 1st quarter of 2022.

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