Self-Expression and Innovation: Exploring Nizar13’s Avant-Garde Hip-Hop Album ‘Just More’

Cover picture by: Sabra Achour

Nizar13 is a Tunisian multidisciplinary artist who has recently made waves in the music industry with his experimental hip-hop album, Just More. 

The album, which was released on July 1, 2022, features 10 tracks produced by Nizar13 in collaboration with talented artists like Illbucks from Tunisia, Q Prodigal from NYC, USA, and MC Blue Matter from Paris, France on the album’s cover art.

What makes Just More so innovative is that Nizar13 decided to release the album on hand-made vinyl records, even though there are no pressing plants in Tunisia. Nizar13 wanted to create something special for collectors and fans who were interested in getting vinyls of their favorite artist, but his motivation for this move was always innovation.

photo by Sabra Achour

Using one original record of Just More, Nizar13 made many handmade records by molding technique. He also had the covers made from cardboard and painted cloth using acrylics. The resulting product is a limited edition of 13 records, aptly named FRAGILE. 

The album’s music genre is avant-garde hip-hop, which is a rare genre in Tunisia. However, Nizar13 was determined to showcase his unique sound and earn recognition from the industry while staying authentic. This can be a difficult task for independent artists, but the artist managed to do it. By merging many sampling techniques in the production of the album, Just More is a whole experience into self-expression, hope, and destruction. The artist says he was inspired by the movie Taxidermia by György Pálfi. 

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Nizar13 is a multidisciplinary artist who doesn’t limit himself to just one medium. In addition to making music, he spends a lot of time learning about the music industry and connecting with artists from around the world. He believes in the fusion of diverse artistic disciplines and expresses his ideas through multiple mediums. His work explores themes such as identity, independence, and personal expression. 

Nizar13’s decision to release his album on hand-made vinyl records shows that he is not afraid to take risks and try new things, even if it means doing something that has never been done before in Tunisia. The Fragile edition of Just More is a unique piece of art that showcases Nizar13’s talent and creativity in both music and design.