Starting 2021 with GRLSKOUT and her latest mixtape “Reflections”

2020 has been an interesting year in terms of new musical discovery, but we still think that something is lacking… It is indeed rare to feel and find THAT special energy, this certain creativity, and expertise that we have found in GRLSKOUT’s sound. The polish DJ surprised us thanks to her latest release, a mixtape entitled “Reflections”.

The DJ gave us hope in the industry again. Indeed, in an area where all DJ use the same recipe, GRLSKOUT can bring something different to rock our best nights. A mix from the future that features Deep house bangers, and most of all GRLSKOUT’s talent for gathering the best vibes into an infectious and attractive 1-hour mix.

She holds down residencies at some of the world’s top nightclubs in Los Angeles, including Academy & Exchange and DJ’s exclusive events for Bentley, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin and we can not wait to see her shine on the biggest events of the world.

Be ready to chill, to dance, to forget about your grey day, and listen to “Reflections” right now: