“Circles Around You”: Velvet 100’s Mesmerizing Nu Disco Bliss Is Out Now!

We are lucky to discover Velvet 100’s upcoming release, “Circles Around You.” 

This mesmerizing track combines captivating disco sonorities, bewitching soundscapes, and irresistible rhythms that will have you dancing until the skies. “Circles Around You” is the epitome of Nu Disco Bliss, set to take the global music scene by storm with its unique blend of infectious beats and soulful melodies.

From the very first note, “Circles Around You” exudes an aura of euphoria that transports listeners to a dancefloor paradise. The track’s seamless fusion of electronic and disco elements creates an exhilarating atmosphere, making it impossible not to groove along. Velvet 100’s distinct sound is a testament to their artistic prowess, as they effortlessly merge classic disco sensibilities with modern electronic production techniques.

The appeal of “Circles Around You” extends far beyond their local reach, as evidenced by their massive international following. With hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners spanning over 145 countries, Velvet 100 has become a global sensation. It’s no surprise that fans from every corner of the world have fallen under the spell of “Circles Around You’s” infectious beats and captivating energy.

It is out now, so prepare your dancing shoes!