Track of the day: “Blackout” by meetVoutside

If you were doing something interesting or not, we will advise you to stop. Take a few seconds and dive into “Blackout”, by meetVoutside. Allow yourself a few moments to listen to the message. A few minutes of hard-hitting Hip-Hop and reality check. the track is so powerful that it was only right and interesting to post meetVoutside’s own words about his song:

“Last week, I was front lines in the Boston Protest.. an eye opening experience being a young man of color. The Massive Peaceful protest showed me the light that’s possible in the world. When the protest were coming to an end the police rushed us all, Pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, & long batons ready to beat us for speaking up and defending our right to live. Trying to leave, being trapped in by squads of officers with nothing actions left but to keep my hands up and pray I make it back home. Protesters being told they can leave only to have the train system shut in our face and attacked.. The frustration of feeling so powerless, of following all the rules, the fact that I am a good citizen, university educated, caring HUMAN BEING imstill being treated like a criminal because of the color of my skin, fueled this freestyle.. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”.