Welcome To The Corner: an epic journey through hiphop and YJRB’s life story

YJRB will make noise in the international game, you can be sure of that. We discovered him with his offering “Welcome To The Corner”, an epic opus that honours Hip-hop in all its glory.

YJRB’s artistic recipe saves the hip-hop genre thanks to its signature between hard-hitting, threatening beats, haunting sonorities and above all a sharp rap flow. 

The rapper who started music to void out the problems in the hood, raps his guts about violence, about the friends he’s lost because of gang violence, and about his life experience. The outcome is powerful, breathtaking, and charismatic. At a time when hip-hop creates clones and tasteless recipes, YJRB definitely stands out.

Through the album, YJRB teams up with the best artists, to prove that rap music is not dead while remaining authentic to his musical vision and story.

Enter the world of YJRB and be “Welcome To The Corner” now : 


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