’24 ways to get it’ by Pain24: the best hip-hop album of the season

Today we are glad to introduce you to our hip-hop artist of the day: Pain24, our best discovery of the week.

The rapper from Philly who draws his inspiration from real life, hustle, violence and tragic events, delivers an authentic rap opus with hard-hitting punchlines and nothing but the truth.

His infectious album ’24 ways to get it’ immerse the audience in a true hip-hop journey, and gives us hope in the game again. The rap bars are bouncy and flawless, the production is worthy of the greatest and brings intense, old-school but also new-school energy to our ears.

’24 ways to get’ it was more so my alarm clock waking everybody up letting them know I still got it and the dudes that ain’t know you gone find out real soon feel me. So I mixed the album up with songs and freestyles to get it clear I can spit and make songs also and Jump on any level with different flows old school, new school and drill rap I do it all.” Says Pain24.

The rapper is currently working on an upcoming album that promises to be huge and to attract a large audience around the world. Be ready and meanwhile, listen to the full ’24 ways to get it’ now:


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