Best Discovery of the Month: activemirror. and Their Song “Serendipitous”

Hailing from the Caribbean island of Aruba, the band activemirror. has captivated our senses with their latest sonic gem, “Serendipitous.” Their unique rock recipe warms the ears, blending epic and melancholic guitars, captivating rhythms, and enchanting basslines. The band’s voices wander with palpable nostalgia, resonating long after we’ve stopped listening.

On the choruses, the voices sound like heartfelt cries, inviting us to sing along at the top of our lungs. There is no doubt that “Serendipitous” takes us on an emotional whirlwind!

activemirror. promises busy weeks ahead, with a headline slot at the Hi-WINDS Festival 2024 on May 8th, as well as a tour in Colombia this summer and North America later in the year. Additionally, their upcoming single releases, “Opal” and “Vampira,” slated for later this spring, promise to add a new dimension to their musical catalog.

Their full album, set for release this summer, hints at a total immersion into activemirror.’s captivating sonic universe. In the meantime, “Serendipitous” continues to resonate in our minds, reminding us of the magic of musical discovery. 

Press play:

Lyrics: Liam Sean Kelly

Music: Me’Shaq Richardson, Liam Sean Kelly, Elias Janssen, Marco Henriquez Alva

Recorded in Aruba at Caya Musica Studios with engineer Kym Wenborg

Co-producer: Liam Sean Kelly, Me’Shaq Richardson, Elias Janssen, Wayne N. Hawthorne

Mix and mastering: Wayne N. Hawthorne of Click Track Audio in Ottawa, Canada

Label & Management: Secret Agent Man Music, Amal Farhat-Kasouf

Stay tuned and follow the band:

YouTube: @activemirrorofficial