A moment out of time thanks to “Things To Come”, by Jeremy Parsons

Today we invite you to meet the most beautiful musical moment of the week, and probably of the end of the year.

At a time where machines and electronic beats rule the industry and our ears, the American artist Jeremy Parsons delivered us a gift entitled “Things To Come.”

A folk ballad, filled with reassuring guitars, pure and pleasant melodies and splendid voices that give hope. The singer and musician offers an extraordinary moment out of time and far from the same old grey news.

The nostalgia that delicately escapes from the song makes us addicted and the song sounds like the perfect pick for better days. “Things To Come” is a great gift to end 2020 on a high note and Jeremy Parsons is one of the artists to follow for 2020.

Anyway, we can’t wait to hear more songs. In the meantime, discover “Things To Come”: