Best Of The Day: Sir Romy’s ‘They Scream’ Single Dazzles with Pop-Soul Fusion

Today’s musical discovery is Sir Romy, a French singer whose single “They Scream” is a delightful blend of pop and soul. The song highlights the singer’s unique and powerful yet gentle voice, which is beautifully complemented by rhythmic phrasing that accentuates the bouncing beats and subtly retro arrangements.

Her voice is filled with suspense, and her expressive interpretation is rich with emotion, color, and poetry. The catchy chorus will undoubtedly have you singing along to the rhythm of “They Scream”.

This track is part of her EP “Mindscapes”, which showcases not only the breadth of her talent but also that of her team, reflecting a beautiful collaborative effort. 

Dive into Sir Romy’s world now:

Music: Alex Benning, Sir Romy, Tamal (They Scream) / Studio Tamperproof Mix: Bruno Mylonas
Mastering: Michel Geiss
With Jordan Di Blasi (drums) et Simon Gruwé (keys)

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