“Qamp II” an epic project with a hundred colors, by Casey Cope, Marquito and more than 20 artists

The best project of the month, and probably of the year is the fabulous “Qamp II”. Founded by artists Casey Cope and Marquito, “Qamp II” is the follow up of a first opus of the same name and features more than 20 artists with exceptional voices and unique artistry. 

Effortlessly blending hip-hop with other genres such as R’N’B or Neo-soul, and above all outstanding creativity and musicality, the album was created in only 3 days, almost unbelievable, but not surprising when you hear the talent of each of the artists. 

We are completely overwhelmed while listening to “Qamp II” because the opus proves that unity in art, and originality still exists. It’s hard to describe the album with a specific genre as it simply honors music in all its glory. With passion, with sincerity and solid musical knowledge.

“Qamp II” is a sonic rollercoaster reinventing music, and with each vocal performance, it offers a true experience. A true revelation,  the definition of art and free creation. 

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