“Bittersweet EP”: a new musical journey by the outstanding Bluedive

If you are looking for positive sensations, pleasant melodies, and motivation: we are glad to announce that we have what you need!

Our best project of the month is entitled “Bittersweet EP” by Bluedive, a captivating genre-blending opus between pop, rock, and touches of punk.

Aidan Dixon (vocals, guitar,) Riff Gordon (drums,) and Sebastian Landa (vocal, bass) deliver a great team effort on this outstanding EP where real music and addictive energy reigns to transport you into a new artistic world.  

They introduce their debut EP with the “F-you 2020” anthem “2020” galloping guitars and a bombastic drum groove underscore a hummable hook and the gang vocal, “2020 Really Sucks.” Meanwhile, “Hurt Me” seesaws between hard-hitting riffs and hypnotic melodies. On the other end of the spectrum, “Andie” moves like a sunny and upbeat bop but cuts much deeper lyrically and they end the song set with the acoustic retro vibes on “Peaches & Cream.”

The hard-hitting production, the perfect sense of the musicality the creativity in a world where many bands sound the same, and the infectious vocal performances: this is what we call MUSIC.

“Bittersweet EP” will accompany your days, will make you sing out loud, and will make you feel alive.

Stream it now:

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