Bradley Keys shares a 8 tracks mix to support the mondial protest

Artists have long been highlighting the perils of racism and police brutality through music, but recent events are brightening the spotlight on racial injustice and oppression.

The police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and subsequent protests have further ignited a passion in artists inspired to use their music as a sounding board for change.  

Our artist of the day is Bradley Keys, a DJ who released an intense 8-tracks mix that highlight this cry for justice and equality: “Activ8”.

Bradley Keys’ work is interesting as he blends classic tracks with voices of legendary Black personalities and heroes: Sublime, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, The Roots, Vintage Trouble, Countre Black, East Forrest, Phish & interludes by Martin Luther King Jr. 

The 41 minutes project is a lot of emotion, to be honest, and one of the most beautiful way to protest. It gave us motivation, a kind of musical support, and positive vibes.

Press Play now: