Chent returns with a new project coming from the future entitled “The Origin Chronicles”

When we discovered Chent a few months ago, we immediately fell in love with his energy, and creativity thanks to “Power Of Reboot” an outstanding electronic project. We could not be happier to know that he is back with another album coming straight from another planet “The Origin Chronicles”.

Let’s be honest, in these hard times, this is exactly what we needed, an authentic sound and some originality in an area where many artists tend to sound the same. Signed on “Saus Records”, the 6 tracks project offers a unique recipe between electronic sound, heavy beats, and a strong dose of experimentation.

While listening to “The Origin Chronicles”, we could imagine ourselves, back in our favorite rave parties, in a huge warehouse, losing ourselves in a trance. 

Enjoy it right now:

“The Origin Chronicles is the story about how I ended up in this time and the battle against the 2 evil trolls and the mad scientist.
This EP is the journey captured in audio format, and can be seen as a tribute to the journey and the progress that have been made these last 100 years.” Chent.