Daniel Angelus has signed a two-movie deal to create soundtracks for upcoming films on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi!

The-Further is happy to announce that Daniel Angelus has signed a two-movie deal in the United States of America and will create soundtracks for two motion pictures coming soon to Amazon Prime Video & Tubi.

After the commercial success of Mr. Earth, directed by Scott Lambson, and rave reviews about its soundtrack from viewers across the world, Daniel Angelus will be bringing his unique and trademark sound to the film world again. The first film, titled ‘ Arctic Hollow’ is currently in production in the United States of America and will be released upon completion, possibly in 2023.

The second as yet untitled film is in pre-production with a confirmed setting and music style. After the success of Mr. Earth, Daniel Angelus says “It is a pleasure and honour to be able to create and craft unique and nuanced soundtracks for two more motion pictures and I want to thank Scott Lambson. I am so grateful for the opportunity to delve into these new dream worlds and craft something emotional and raw that will have audiences feeling once again” .

Daniel Angelus is currently touring the United Kingdom performing his catchy and emotional solo music at festivals, and we can’t wait to hear more soundtracks from the multi-award-winning artist.

Get to know Daniel Angelus better : 

Daniel Angelus is a British-born multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and music producer – who creates, since 2007, melodramatic cinematic pop and rock. A self-described recluse, Daniel began making music after a difficult and traumatic childhood, using it as a form of therapy.

What began as bedroom music has, since 2007, transformed into an incredible career in its own right. Daniel has performed live in the UK, Europe, and North America – building a dedicated following of his music projects – and music is now his full-time job. His sound is unique, built on “the frailties and wonderment of human life”.

There’s real grit beneath the surface that only comes from lived experience, and which translates into the fullness of the music – “it’s the colours of your mind; it’s the pictures lost in time.” After quietly releasing his debut LP ‘Miracle Dark’ in 2016, Daniel released ‘Wired for Heartbreak’ in February 2018 – and followers gathered. A powerful album with a strong narrative, both within each song and as a cohesive thread throughout, Wired for Heartbreak is a standalone work of musical art. A beautifully constructed LP, every space is packed full of emotion but never crowded, and Daniel’s reverb-heavy vocals mesh in perfectly.

Compared to David Bowie, after listening to the engrossing single ‘Reflection’ (a critical and audience success) it’s easy to hear why – but make no mistake, Daniel is his own artist. Daniel has been getting his music heard by more and more people across the world; ACT I was up first, released in April 2019 to positive critical acclaim, a shimmering and pounding collection of four post-punk tracks with themes of loneliness and anxiety on a backdrop of fast drums, catchy melodies, and vulnerable vocals.

ACT II followed 14 months later, a dark and melancholic dream-pop record featuring a dreamy cover of U2’s ‘With or Without You’ that once again caught the music world’s attention. 2021 saw the release of the widely praised ‘More Than You Love Me’, a gut-wrenching story of heartbreak through a shimmering pop anthem that was followed by 2022’s equally praised single ‘Because It Hurts’.

Daniel Angelus made his film music debut in 2021 crafting the award-winning soundtrack for indie film ‘The Lights of Dawn’ directed by multi-award-winning film director Sadie Duarte. Daniel Angelus was announced as the soundtrack artist and music creator for sci-fi movie ‘Mr Earth’ for Amazon Prime Video in 2022.