Discovering rising artist Skarten

Today we are glad to introduce you to our artist of the week: Skarten, a singer-rapper with a thousand flows.

Discovered thanks to his addictive “Félicite”, the artist with Ivory and Lebanese roots know how to stand out. His eclectic recipe blends hip-hop with laid-back vocal performance and melodic flows, perfectly completed with the afro-trap-tinted production.

“Félicite” is appealing and sends the audience straight into a new sonic vision. It is not surprising to see that Skarten’s sound already amassed hundreds of thousands view and streams, but believe us, he is not ready to slow down anytime soon. 

The artist flow is one of a kind, almost mystical, and the French lyrical content and amazing story-telling adds a certain charm to this charismatic signature. He perfect knows how to adapt to the bouncy beats and playful rhythms.

With his communicative energy, Skarten reveals an outstanding artistic personality and he gets the work done with passion and originality. Vanguard and promising, listen to Skarten’s “Félicite” right now: