Discovering Scott Howard’s music and his soul mission

Today, we are discovering an artist whose music has the power to heal people and give them hope again : Scott Howard.

His music unveils authentic rock sonorities and delicious vocal performances that bring his songs to the level of hits.

We invite you to enjoy a moment of real music with his discography and Rendez-vous below to discover Scott Howard in 5 questions :

Welcome we are glad to have you today. Tell us about yourself and how you got started making music!

For lack of a better term, I suppose I am what you would call a “lightworker.” It was made clear to me that I was to introduce a new genre of music to the world because it was desperately needed. This is known as ‘Source Music,’ and it is played at 432 Hz. Capricorns are the lowest sign on the Zodiac totem pole and perform best at night (as do most musicians!). As a result, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of pain in my life, but I’ve chosen to turn that pain into life lessons that will hopefully help others cope with what’s to come. Maxx, my son, was taken from me five years ago, which devastated my life. I was in desperate need of answers… I found the solution when I came across “A NEW GENRE OF MUSIC FROM SOURCE IN 432Hz to AWAKEN AND HELP RAISE THE FREQUENCY…. “

I locked myself away in my studio for months and wrote four albums’ worth of life lessons… In general, I sleep very little and write and meditate constantly. I believe my music is channelled from the Angelic realm. It was confirmed to me when I met a psychic who could read auras. She noticed a blue/yellow aura around me and assumed it was related to entertainment/communication. But then she stopped for a moment and noticed something she had never seen before in a reading… she sent me an email with a drawing of what she had seen…”WINGS.”

I was told by 2 well-known psychics/mediums independent of each other, that my spirit guides are Nickola Tesla and John Lennon…. what better company? I suppose that is why my album “The Language of Clouds” would resonate with baby boomers and Nikola Tesla, as the music is at 432 Hz, which helps raise the frequency of other fractal souls seeking answers. The Soul of Source, from which we are all a part of. We go out and play the game of LIFE and are given the chance in order to grow and bring life’s lessons back to Source for the benefit of all. Everything was going well until we were hijacked by darkness, who kept us in a reincarnation loop until now.

My vibration has increased, and I now appear to be more psychic, as I see things I have never seen before… Some good, some bad…. but overall, I hope the music and lyrics have resonated and continue to help.

The Beginning:

At the age of 7-8, I remember my family gathering around a piano in my house to sing, or my uncle Murray clowning around, he was like Jerry Lewis before Jerry Lewis… This happened on a monthly basis and was dubbed “The Cousins Club” (we need this world again). They would all take turns singing. I’d be upstairs, listening. My grandfather had a deep baritone voice, and my mother sang Porgy and Bess or something from an opera… My mother and father eventually founded “The Long Island Lyric Opera Company” with her second husband. She sang beautifully and performed in many operas while I was in Junior High as a stagehand.

I knew I could do it after seeing Neil Diamond’s “A Star is Born.” I needed to express myself…somehow…but how?

The piano lessons were ineffective (I learned more on my own). I started playing the trumpet in school, then sousaphone. I improved and learned to read and write music. I was in a jazz band, an orchestra, and then an all-county band… My mother had an acoustic guitar-playing friend when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I fell in love with the sound and storytelling of folk music, and the love affair continues to this day.

During a time of such hatred, I was overwhelmed by messages of love, hope, and the creation of a better reality. My first band was probably when I was 10 or 11 years old… Gemini 5… LOL.

My stepfather managed us, and our first gig was at the Maimonides School for Special Children.   We were TERRIBLE… but the kids heard something else and loved it… I WAS HOOKED and I improved… (so I hope…LOL)

What inspires you to write and create music? 

Pain, shedding light on darkness, awakening those who are still blissfully unaware of our prison… About 5 years ago, I had an awakening. Similar to a DMT trip (without the DMT), my hypothalamus became active and I became more aware of this reality matrix, which is very different from the spiritual journey on which we should be more focused. I was shown that EVERYTHING IS ALIVE BEYOND THE MATRIX… even when we sleep, we experience parallel existence… Source doesn’t waste a second of your soul’s growth. THE MUSIC IS INTENDED TO AWAKEN US FROM OUR AMNESIA AND BEGIN OUR JOURNEY OF REMEMBRANCE SO THAT WE CAN ALL GET OUT OF THIS MATRIX PRISON.

Unfortunately, the human experience has led us to believe that we are 98% physical and 2% spiritual, when in fact, the opposite is true…  the “game” creates a great number of social pressures, reinforced by media misinformation and programming, giving us amnesia about our true identity and the reason why we are all here.

The idea comes to me when I realize that we are all going through our own awakening… but, there is nowhere or no one we can turn to ask questions… CENSORSHIP has limited our growth and instead has created fear in order to feed the darkness.  

MUSIC HAS THE POWER TO SAVE THE WORLD… and create peace and call to action things that mere talking won’t accomplish. My LP “ASCENDED MAN,” is a 10-song story …asking everyone to “JOIN ME” on a journey to “AWAKEN”… it’s an invitation to emerge from amnesia and bring to remembrance your past lives where you began your journey of love. To remember who you really are and heal…to go through a reset and forget. “LIFE’S ILLUSIONS WILL UNFOLD AFTER THE DANCE… AND IT’S TIME FOR THIS PRODIGAL SON’S RETURN…” “OH YEAH…AND THE LIGHT HAS WON!” (From my song, LIFE’S ILLUSIONS)

What is your creative process? 

I always seem to know what the titles of my albums are…

The first is SECRET OF TIME. The second is PLANETARY ZEN.  The third is ASCENDED MAN. The fourth is LANGUAGE OF CLOUDS, and the fifth is “World Ascension Tour LIVE in Village Studios in 432hz. This is not only available in vinyl but is a concert film available on Tubi, Fandango, Filmhub, Amazon Prime (with censorship), and my website –

My future albums are listed in a forthcoming question… again, many times, I feel my lyrics are channelled, and I enjoy listening to it as if it were someone else’s creation.

At times, I’m inspired, and I feel compelled to share the message. I’m certain that the pain and anguish I’m experiencing are felt by many others. They, unfortunately, dismiss it and go back to sleep.

Music can help to awaken and ignite a topic where society may be in need of working through a karmic injury. Synchronicities are important in the inspiration of music, where it resonates and spreads. It’s almost like a prayer hoping for a better outcome to an event that has affected many.

My advice is to not dismiss these warning signs. We must work through them in order to understand and heal. I hope that my music will continue to resonate and heal, as well as serve as a catalyst for many others to begin their journeys of awakening. Because everything exists at the same time in the now. Be light!

How could you describe your upcoming album release? 

I have 3 albums I have written music for, the first is an 11-song album about my relationship with my spiritual world, including my daily interactions with lost family, animals, and my son Maxx. The title track, “Angel Numbers,” it’s of course, an account of my encounter with Arch Angle Michael, including how I felt and what was said… we had a strange encounter on 8/8/2017) … I had been seeing the number 8888 for a year) …all music in this new genre of music is from Source in 432Hz… here’s the chorus to Angel Numbers –

“An Angel flew down from above and stood in front of me…a world of questions awakened in me…but all I said was come back when I’m free”.  Long Blond hair and the bluest eyes…all I had was anger inside… a snapshot seen beyond the veil.  Decisions in life…did I succeed or fail… did I succeed or fail?”

On 8/7/2018, it was more than just seeing 8888… A year later, my son Maxx died of an accidental drug overdose… Music can heal the pain of destruction, war, pain, loss, and heartbreak…

I’m currently in the studio working on 11 songs for my upcoming album, Angel Numbers.

My next album, Tree of Life – I’ve already written music for nine new songs. And for the following album, Unseen Kingdom, I’ve already written between 9 and 11 songs.

What other projects do you have lined up in the future?

I’m nearing the finalization of a 300-page eBook titled “A Lightworker’s Journey.” The eBook is a recount of my life events and awakening, which occurred 5 years ago in 2017. This includes images (photos) that will change your perception of reality. This will be available later this month on my website at

I’m thinking about starting an online music/spiritual concept show called “The Journey Ahead.” It’ll be a late-night show that features artists and music in 432Hz. Guest musicians meet up with me in the Cosmic Web to jam and talk about what makes them tick, as well as share the life events that shaped them into the artists/individuals they are today… questions from a musician to fellow musicians… then there’s an impromptu jam session!

Worlds within worlds…long forgotten…unknown… The Unseen In-between Kingdom will take centre stage… affecting our daily and worldly lives… life, loves, losses, and surprises. And what I now see from the perspective of a former businessman who has spent his entire adult life in the Physical 3D World only to wake up one day and realize it was all for naught and that what truly matters is all spiritual… “Listen to me now, my son, and realize life’s wonderful surprise”.

I should have died many times over by now… But God has kept me here for some special plan/path he has in store for me… through the loss of my son Maxx, and an estranged daughter, how does one deal with these devastating life lessons and still live a somewhat full life? ONLY THROUGH THE ACT OF FORGIVENESS….life has become one of aiding a world in raising the resonance frequency as Mother Earth will go to 5D with or without us…the show will prepare those willing to begin their journey… or at the very least listen… to enjoy the music. As I will be performing a song or two on each episode (depending on the guests).

The Journey Ahead is the roadmap that will prepare us all for what lies ahead… a NEW, UNKNOWN UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE…Join us…  Be light!

There’s so much more in the works. Follow me on my journey at I welcome the opportunity to connect. Be light!