Discovering the outstanding Seori

The cover singer of Abir’s “Tango”, Seori … her unique musicality and world view draws attention

The rookie singer, Seori, who did a perfect cover of Abir’s Tango on the official Youtube channel is receiving worldwide attention. 

She released her first EP album [?depacse ohw] with the title song ‘Running Through the night’ on May 12, 2020. All the songs within the album are written and composed by Seori. 

Her tone and musical talent is one of a kind, and she is being called ‘Korean Billie Eilish’. 

When one looks at the MV of “Running Through the night”, one can see her outlook on the world and concept. The nocturnal and cosmical background puts the audience’s mind at ease.

Seori, who expressed her values through R&B songs and MV, not only appealed to listeners acoustically but also visually, and she is widely anticipated to show a wider spectrum of music.

Furthermore, her MV that highlights her personality gives the prospect of Seori showing charm unique from Billie Eilish.

The world is paying attention to her since Jungkook of BTS, Abir, and Jae from Day 6 recognized her. It is exciting to see how Seori will approach her fans while showing different traits of her personality. 

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