Dopest of the day: “How I Feel” by emerging singer Taapz

Sunday, end of the weekend, grey sky, cold air. All we wanted is a cocooning day, under the duvet, with good hot chocolate, and a song that we would listen on repeat. Our dream came true thanks to the dopest release of the day: “How I Feel” by the Canadian talented singer Taapz.

From the first notes, we felt disconnected from reality thanks to emotional piano notes, and a soothing voice that made us want to stay all day with Taapz.

“How I Feel” is only her first single but already hear the passion, ease for music, and lyrical content, a hymn for Love: “ I dedicate this song to my husband who inspired the words of this song.” Taapz. 

Make sure to take this splendid journey through love, sounds, and Taapz’s voice:

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