Electrifying Energy: Effing and Blinding’s ‘Devils Play’ Delivers Powerful Energies

“Devils Play” from Effing and Blinding’s new EP showcases the electrifying sound of this four-piece blues-based high-energy rock band hailing from Carrboro, NC.

With Rev on vocals, Bill Willis on guitar, LeRon Childs on bass, and Daryl Mount on drums, the band delivers a real and pure rock energy that is impossible to ignore.

The song bursts with rocking guitars, captivating rhythms, and a vocal performance that is both warm and powerful, with a touch of blues in the arrangement.

Effing and Blinding’s musicianship is on full display as they seamlessly blend elements of blues, rock, and raw energy into a cohesive and thrilling musical experience. “Devils Play” serves as a testament to the band’s ability to ignite a fire within listeners, leaving them craving more.

Effing and Blinding are surely a force to be reckoned with, bringing a refreshing and vibrant presence to the rock scene.