An Epic Hip-Hop moment with King Mushu

Each Fridays are critical moments for our redaction! We want to discover the freshest music that will rock our weekend!

With his project “The Rise of King Mushu”, King Mushu comes along at the right time! He is the kind of vibe we want to discover more often.

Real Hip-Hop with a mix of black music sonorities. Some great flow and keen lyrics. The album “The Rise of King Mushu” is promising and will influence the music world.

The project opens with an epic track “The Rise of King Mushu” that immediately sets the tone. The artist deliver a message, a force of determination and motivation. It just makes you want to eat the world.

Tracks like “Insomnia Skit” and “Look at me” are living proof that Hip-Hop is not dead, that some artists are still capable of a flawless technique.

Make sure to discover THE RISE OF KING MUSHU, first part of a coming trilogy project.