Exploring Michael Regina’s Musical Odyssey: ‘Mothership’

Today, we stumbled upon Michael Regina’s album, “Mothership,” a genuine musical voyage that kicks off with the enigmatic title track. From its intriguing synth to its suspenseful rhythms, it sets the stage for an immersive experience.

Then, across nine instrumental pieces, Regina blends elements of soft rock with ingenious experimentation, crafting melodies that tenderly fill the void in our hearts, all while keeping us entranced by the beats.

From start to finish, cinematic hues saturate the album. “Transmissions” launches us into another dimension, showcasing a retro touch that echoes throughout. Finally, “The Farthest Point” gracefully concludes the journey with delicate piano and bewitching drums, leaving us in a celestial realm.

“Mothership” is a sonic tapestry woven with care and creativity. Each track offers a glimpse into Regina’s universe, inviting listeners on a transcendent exploration of sound and emotion. Press play:


Who is Michael Regina: 

Michael Regina is an American Electronic Music composer, possessing deep roots in Classical Music as well as a solid history in Classic Rock and Hard Rock. His STARGAZER album placed 3rd in the BEST ELECTRONIC ALBUM category in the 2019 ONE WORLD MUSIC RADIO AWARDS. In the mid-1980s, Michael performed with glam metal band WHITEFOXX, one of the pioneers of the Philadelphia-based Metal scene. He enjoys experimenting in the New Age genre, creating sweeping compositions on the keyboard. His musical goal these days is to capture the depth and raw emotion of New Age and Electronic Music, structuring it in a way that will guide listeners on a transcendent journey. Through his music, Michael sets out to tell a story, creating musical moods and tapping emotions that extend all the way to the soul.