Fabulous: “Right Place Wrong Time” by Kelsie Kimberlin

Ok, let us put this straight, Kelsie Kimberlin is definitely going to be the next pop star, and that’s a matter of time. We said that several times already, we know, but what can we say! That’s the passion we feel for Kelsie Kimberlin’s music.

Her latest ballad “Right Place Wrong Time” is infectiously sad and melting in equal measure, and its story will resonate with a large audience. Indeed, the song is about falling in love with someone, at the Right Place, but the Wrong, we all have faced that once.

We are, as always admiring the way Kelsie Kimberlin is capable of delivering familiar melodies while remaining innovative and unique. The hybrid “Right Place Wrong Time” sets the tone of a new world.

This is ethereal, celestial, modern and addictive. Our love for Kelsie Kimberlin keeps growing, and you will understand why: