Fearless Union: Our discovery of the day

April 17th, already 1 month at home! As it is starting to be a long time, very long, we needed something to electrify our daily routine.

The surprising project “Propaganda Holotape” by Fearless Union is our discovery of the day and is exactly what we needed. This is the kind of project that we like to experiment: genre-blending music between Rock, Trip-Hop and sounds experimentation, unique energy and strong messages. This is what we call a complete artistic work!

Based out of Salt Lake City, headed by Vocalist and Producer Brent Walker, Fearless Union was inspired by the Bolshevik revolution and reality to create “Propaganda Holotape”. You can image how intense is the EP. 

The 5 tracks project would be extracted from their upcoming album “The Supreme Leader”.  Definitely one to watch.

We nominated “New Mundi” as the best track of April [and now in our Spotify Playlist #BEST OF THE MONTH]. A unique jam unveiling electronic sounds with heavy ryhthms, spoken words and haunting vocals. A musical alien with a dancing appeal. 

Be ready to live the ‘Fearless Union’ experience and don’t forget to connect with the band on Instagram (click HERE).