Focus on Haitian-American artist Real Clothes

Our redaction craves for artists who create out of the beaten tracks and who can create a new path for the music. Our discovery of the day goes by the name of Nico Fox AKA Real clothes and is one of them.

The Haitian-American artist has dropped a unique 7 tracks album entitled “Precaution” and the least we can say is that Real Clothes is one of a kind. She blends experimental sounds with haunting vocals and brings a new avant-garde pop to the table.

From “Lazaretto” to “King Seven”, the album is a whole experience coming from another planet. Dark and magical, beautiful musical chaos that catches all of your emotions.

Live the “Precaution” experience right now and discover our passionate conversation with her below:

We were curious to know more about Real Clothes’ music. Discover our conversation below:

Welcome Real Clothes. We admire your creativity. What inspires you to write music?

An inspiration for me to write music is a combination of two things: a reactionary impulse to world events around me and the personal triumphs and failures in love.

Do you have a specific creative process to create this kind of sound?

For my creative process, I typically write poems and then try to assign them to music. The words often come to me first. Afterward, I play the piano to get the basic melodies and rhythms down and then transpose it to various digital instrumentation within Ableton. If the poems need additional tweaking for time and tempo, it happens at this stage. Singing itself is usually the last step after poems and music.

Your new album “Precaution” is one of a kind, incomparable. Can you tell us more about it?

My latest release is Precaution. Making this album gave me the greatest feeling of release. The ideas behind it came to me in dreams and nightmares: wisps of smoke, loud mortars, crushing silence, and forgotten spaces. I had wanted to write something about the horror of institutional helplessness, instability, loneliness, and lost love: with a beat. Also: the feelings of revenge present in those that are oppressed in many ways. Like I said, dreams. The song structures are free-form and unexpected, not dissimilar to reaching your hands out in the dark.

What are your plans for the future?

At this time, due to Covid-19, I’m likely not going to be performing in the foreseeable future. In lieu of that I have already started work on my next release to be in 2022. The title will be Floriography & Avifauna and it will be based on the symbolic meaning of flowers and various birds.