Für Elise: Ballerina by Pauline Frechette

I recently came across an exceptionally unique and beautiful song. The composition is called “Für Elise: Ballerina” and it’s by a neoclassical artist named Pauline Frechette. This extraordinary piece of music combines elements of Ludwig van Beethoven’s seminal work, “Für Elise”, with Frechette’s own original music. “Für Elise: Ballerina.”Frechette not only breaths new life into an old classic but breaks new and exciting ground in the genre as she weaves together the new and old and communicates the transcendent nature of music with silent grace and class.

The song begins with those familiar and enchanting notes Beethovan penned over two hundred years ago. Frechette adds depth and accentuates the emotion of that iconic melody with a string arrangement that swells in and leads nicely into the next section. 

From there Pauline transitions into her own original work. This movement begins with sparse notes and chords that create a spacious and tranquil mood. Frechette’s beautiful melody is introduced with a delicate and gliding string arrangement underneath the piano. Frechette’s artistry on piano sparkles as she delivers the deep and peaceful emotion of the piece.

“Für Elise: Ballerina” is the sort of composition that can guide you into a deeply calm and serene state. It can also be enjoyed while reading or just carrying on with your day. But what I find most valuable about it is its ability to help the mind and body slip into relaxation. The composition does its best work when the listener lets go of all external stimuli and follows the music alone.

As the piece progresses Frechette changes things up and delivers music that spins and flutters all while maintaining the serene feeling that underpins the entire work. This rotating feeling quickly transitions back to the more familiar melody introduced earlier but with some interesting variations. These variations decorate the melody and give it more luster which helps to further bring the listener under the spell of the song. Pauline expresses an impressive range of emotion with “Für Elise: Ballerina” and all while sticking to the minimalist arrangement of piano and strings.

The production quality of “Für Elise: Ballerina” is exceptional as well. When a recording is doing its job, it’s something the listener isn’t even aware of. And that’s exactly what happens while listening to this lovely piece of music. From the moment the song begins a clear signal is provided from Frechette’s heart to her listeners by way of the world-class recording techniques used. 

To finish the composition Frechette reintroduces elements from Beethoven’s “Für Elise”. This makes for a natural finish and left me satisfied and quite impressed by Pauline’s musical abilities. She stands out as one of today’s great neo-classical artists and the world is lucky to have her. 

Look out for more music from Pauline Frechette in 2022. If you’d like to listen to “Für Elise: Ballerina”, or any of Pauline’s wonderful music, you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and most other places music is streamed or sold. If you’d like to learn more about Pauline you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and https://www.paulinefrechette.com/.

Author: Ryan Sanders