“HEARTBREAKER” by Mark Imperial is the track that you need to start this new day

Australian emerging artist Mark Imperial is ready to make waves in the music industry. From the first notes of his latest delivery “HEARTBREAKER”, we can indeed hear that he is the kind of artist who will become big.

The artist, who started to be attracted by music at an early age, has created a banger with a unique artistic vision. “HEARTBREAKER” is a catchy rock song infused with late 90’s pop-punk vibes fueled by his desire to create a ‘remedy’ for brokenhearted people.

The song gives you an uplifting feeling thanks to its energetic guitars and infectious vocal performance. Mark Imperial gives you hope in love and music again.

Press play now and keep an eye on Mark Imperial as a new EP release called “Remedies For A Broken Heart” will be announced soon!